School to School Support


SLEs are outstanding middle and senior leaders in positions below the headteacher, with at least two years’ leadership experience. They have a particular area of expertise

  • Leadership and management
  • Pupil achievement
  • Quality of teaching
  • Behaviour and safety

SLEs at Ebor Teaching Schools Alliance

If you are looking to deploy one of our SLEs, the Ebor Teaching Schools Alliance would identify a leader with the skills and experience to provide the level of support required to ensure that the deployment has the best chance of working effectively.

The cost of an SLE will be determined by a number of factors including the need, length and focus of any agreed work. Models and types of deployments will vary, for example, one deployment might be a two-day diagnostic exercise, and another might involve half a day’s support each week for two terms, whilst another might require a three-month full-time support role.

All SLEs deployed from the Ebor Teaching Schools Alliance will be monitored for the quality of the support they provide. They will be expected to be able to evidence that their work has had a positive impact using a range of indicators including examination results, learner progress, improved self-evaluation or improved views of parents, governors and others in the community. The Alliance will work closely with the school requesting the deployment of an SLE to ensure all agreed outcomes at the start of the deployment have been satisfactorily achieved.

If you are interested in applying to become an SLE please contact us at